Wille & Meryl’s Wedding Day Highlights

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Couple: Wille & Meryl / 24 March 2012 / Solemnization and No Gatecrash
Wedding Venue: The Arts House / Chamber
Wedding Planner:
Wedding Matters
Wedding Photographer: Yu Hsin from Tiny Dot Photography

Both Wille & Meryl are sports buffs, but for their wedding day, they put aside their running shoes to embark on the greatest undertaking of their lives.

Wille is a running consultant, and he says he’s never had use for a tie or formal socks until now – the day he was going to “win the girl of his dreams” (awww!).

As wedding video editors, we often come across touching moments as we edit, but none made us tear as much as the heartfelt words from Meryl’s dad and her show of emotion as she walked down the aisle. And then Wille provided a humorous counterpoint to the wedding ceremony by accidentally putting the wrong ring on Meryl’s finger : )

This was one of the few times we’ve had a second videographer covering the groom’s preparation. The extra footage gave the video a different feel: the story was fuller and more complete. Thankfully, the extra content didn’t add too much to the editing time as we had feared.

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