The Wedding Paparazzi is a tight video outfit powered by 2 fun-loving, professional, girl-producers. Known for their candid, witty style, The Wedding Paparazzi has found a niche serving media-savvy couples who seek fun, out-of-the-box videos for their wedding. Armed with a snappy editing style, their own unique storytelling mojo, and an unerring intuition for moments, The Wedding Paparazzi producers will craft you a wedding video that is concise, purposeful and entertaining.

Some fun facts about us!

  1. The Wedding Paparazzi was officially started on 1 April  2003.
  2. It took 3 months for the name “The Wedding Paparazzi” to be chosen. It is meant to embody the natural, candid approach we take in pursuing authentic story-telling, with a dash of tongue-in-cheek presentation.
  3. Both producers are sisters : )
  4. The Wedding Paparazzi has a resident office-cat.